Supply Chain Coordinator Jobs - Bensenville, Illinois (IL)

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Company Name: Century Metal Spinning
Location: Bensenville, IL
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Production
Pay: Salary View All Jobs at Century Metal Spinning
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Supply Chain Coordinator - Job Description

Job Scope and Skill Set:

The Supply Chain Coordinator is responsible for all purchasing and the supervision of all inbound and outbound deliveries of goods and services. Timely and accurate coordination of the purchasing process to meet the production schedule and customer demand per job specifications. Responsibilities include vendor and inventory management.

Duties and Areas of Responsibility:

  • All Purchasing
  • Orders raw materials based on historical usage and new orders.
  • Negotiate cost and delivery dates with suppliers.
  • Accurate purchasing per job order requirements, flow-down requirements to supply base.
  • Manage the buying and delivery process of all job order requirements: materials, supplies and services in a timely manner as required per the production schedule.
    • Works with Receiving to ensure that deliveries are being received properly.
  • Monitor and maintain current inventory levels.
  • Performs physical cycle counts for inventory collaboratively with the Production Coordinator.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with vendors.
  • Build relationships with suppliers to promote clear and honest communication.
  • Monitor subcontractor for On-Time & Quality performance and maintain an Approval Supplier
  • Communicates with Vendors about order due dates based on customer needs.
  • Research new suppliers to continue developing our existing approved supplier base.
  • Meet Budget expectations
  • Provide pricing estimates for customer inquiries.
  • Negotiate rates with carriers ensuring that you secure the best possible rates in line with the company's budget.
  • Work closely with the Operations Manager to ensure the best supply chain solutions are achieved.
  • Develops project milestones with suppliers and monitors performance on a project by project basis.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
  • Maintain work area in a clean and neat manner ensuring paperwork, and other supplies are cleaned and put away at the end of every shift.
  • Know, understand, and comply with Century Metal Spinning Quality Policy and its objectives.
  • Know, understand, and comply with all Century Metal Spinning Safety Rules and Guidelines.
  • Reflects Century Metal Spinning's core values with interactions internally and externally.

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