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Company Name: Rieke Interiors
Location: Elgin, IL
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Operations
Pay: $23.00 - $27.00 per hour View All Jobs at Rieke Interiors
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Production / Programmer - Job Description


As a furniture programmer with CAD or similar software expertise, you will be responsible for utilizing computer-aided design software and Microvellum to create detailed plans and drawings for furniture production. Your duties will include collaborating with designers, project coordinators, and production teams to develop furniture designs, creating 3D models with prototypes, and ensuring that all designs are compatible with production machinery. Additionally, you will need to have a strong understanding of woodworking and furniture construction techniques, as well as the ability to optimize designs for efficient manufacturing processes. Effective communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment are essential for success in this role.


  • Ensure Projects' Programs are ready the week ahead of scheduled production.
  • Complete the Programming Projects weekly as assigned.
  • Collaborate with the Production Team Members when questions arise from Programs sent to Production.
  • Ensure programmable phases are planned for and produced accordingly as necessary.
  • Utilize the Microvellum Software for completion of Programs ready for Production.
  • Work with fellow Team Members to ensure the most efficient processes are used.
  • Attend Production Meetings for scheduled projects.
  • Use best construction methods to improve quality and efficiency when possible.
  • If questions to design/FMs exist, continue to follow-up on the questions until an answer is received and programming is available, daily at minimum follow-up.
  • Interface with internal and external teams to ensure business success and production from programming is maintained.
  • Additional duties performed as directed by the Executive Management Team and Operations Manager.

Operating Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:


  • Combination of 5+ years' experience and education working with Microvellum or similar AutoCAD Programming, for furniture development
  • Knowledgeable and capable of Safe Practices with hand tools, power tools, woodworking tools, etc.
  • Knowledgeable and capable in Woodworking and Cabinet Making Construction Methods
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and Excel specifically
  • Knowledgeable and capable in interpretation and comprehension of Architectural Blueprints and Drawings


  • Experience and capability to work in a Team Environment, interacting with diverse types of people, remaining mentally alert, with mindfulness and firm reasoning skills while constantly working to improve.
  • Experience and capability to forecast schedules and realistic completion times.
  • Experience and capability to communicate improvements and remaining open to changes for business continuity and/or growth.
  • Experience and capability of understanding English Language audibly and legibly including via phone.
  • Experience and capability to understand and follow restrictive guidelines for all hazardous materials and Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Experience and capability to work extended hours, nights, weekends, and holidays as necessary.
  • Experience and capability and desire to accomplish projects correctly once with little to no re-work.
  • Experience and capability of multi-tasking with prioritization of tasks.
  • Capability to operate a vehicle legally.
  • Experience and capability performing quality control for completed projects.
  • Experience and capability moving commercial furniture.
  • Experience and capability in Successful Customer Service.

The demands of successful completion in this job are detailed here, but this is not an all-inclusive task list. Reasonable accommodations for those requiring them could occur for successful job performance.

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