Project Coordinator Jobs - Elgin, Illinois (IL)

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Company Name: Rieke Interiors
Location: Elgin, IL
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Customer Service
Pay: $55000 - $70000 per year View All Jobs at Rieke Interiors
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Project Coordinator - Job Description

Job Title: Project Coordinator Reports To: Operations Director

Summary of your duties and responsibilities:

As a project coordinator your primary role is to ensure completion of projects with little to no re-works and to provide excellent customer service to our clients. To accomplish this, you will coordinate a customer's furniture quote & purchase with the Rieke internal teams & outside vendors. The project coordinator must analyze each closed project and review for challenges, address those challenges and find solutions prior to installation. This will require continual communication with the client, contractor on the project and internal Rieke departments.

Weekly tasks include but not limited to:

  • Coordinating Project Closure meetings
    • Hand off from Sales to PC to now be the point person on the project
    • Review project in detail to discover any impending issue
  • Verifying project readiness and communicate with contractors and clients
  • Updating internal and external teams on installation progress through constant communication with General Contractors, Clients, Sub-Contractors, Vendors and Installers
  • Coordinate electrical requirements with client and electrician
  • Collaborating with internal teams to create floorplans, detailed installation plans, with strategies for external and internal installation teams
  • Validating all product is in the facility, working with shipping/receiving and scheduling departments
  • Conduct site visits for necessary construction meetings and during installations
  • Conduct punch list/backordered product walkthroughs with client and coordinate rework if required

Required Skills

Proficient knowledge in Microsoft office suite, outlook & PDF editor. Ability to read construction plans. Ability to problem solve and be flexible without direction. High-level organizational and communication skills (both verbal and written). Ability to prioritize, be self-sufficient and have a proactive work ethic. Ability to constantly multi-task.

3+ years of experience in the commercial furniture, design or construction industry

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