Machine Operator- WaterJet- No Programming Jobs - Lyons, Illinois (IL)

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Company Name: Atlas Tool Works
Location: Lyons, IL
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Production
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Machine Operator- WaterJet- No Programming - Job Description

This position responsible for setting up a variety of tools into machines and making adjustments as needed. Install fixtures; make manual check of first piece; help operator as necessary. Run machine as needed. May work in Production, Laser, Tool Room, Machining or Finishing department.
1. Logs onto system as 'set up' using appropriate operation number. Pulls program and/or setup sheet for job.
2. Reads blueprint or work order for specifications, such as hole locations, and part size, feed rates, cutting speeds, cutting tools, tool location and materials to be used.
3. Gathers tools, fluids, gages and packaging; verifies tagged raw material and records PO of material onto work order. Sets up workspace for safe and efficient operation following established set-up procedures.
4. Secures specified tool in work holding.
5. Lifts work piece and/or tooling manually, places it in fixture or on machine table, secures it with clamps or holds it in position.
6. Moves controls or belts to set cutting speed, feed rate, and depth of cut. Engages power or automatic feed or manually operates feed lever to feed tool to specified depth in work piece. Installs and adjusts cams, gears and stops to control stock at each station. Applies lubricant when specified.
7. Sets up machines for other workers including all safety devices and barrier guards; instructs workers and provides information as needed.
8. Starts machine, observes operation, and verifies conformance to specifications of sample work pieces; may use measuring instruments such as plug and ring gauges, calipers and micrometers.
9. Takes first piece to quality control department for verification and approval.
10. Runs machine through cycle, stopping machine and adjusting tool positions and machine controls to allow for such factors as timing, clearance between moving parts, and chip removal.
11. Verifies operator production conforms to specifications, using measuring instruments such as calipers, micrometers, and fixed gauges.
12. Separate rejected product for sorting.
13. Verify, count and package completed production.
14. Complete tag or move ticket including count, work order #, current operation, next operation, date, employee number and name or verifies operators move ticket.
15. Return all equipment, parts, and tagged material etc. to proper storage areas.
16. Takes down workspace following established procedures.
17. May run production as required.
18. Perform routine maintenance on all assigned equipment and machinery as required.
19. Communicates with co-workers to coordinate activities.
20. Return all equipment, parts, etc. to proper storage areas.
21. Maintain organized and clean work area.
22. Communicate all work related information, problems and issues with supervisor.
23. Receive, understand and follow all written and oral instruction.
24. Timely and accurate completion of all paperwork associated with position.
25. Participate in activities to increase personal skill level, overall departmental processes and product quality.
26. Maintain meet or exceed rating on performance evaluations
27. Resolve day-to-day issues by working effectively with others.
28. Comply with all company policies and procedures including safety and attendance requirements
29. Other duties required to meet company needs as assigned by supervisor.
1. Between 3 and 6 months of trade school, vocational education, apprenticeship or work experience.
2. OSHA required training in Lock-out / Tag-out, Hazard Communication, PPE and Emergency Evacuation.
3. Basic English reading and verbal communication skills
4. Ability to read prints, use a variety of measuring equipment and calculate mathematical conversions
5. Strong Mechanical ability.
6. Ability to operate all assigned equipment and machines including pallet jack, hoist, cranes and fork lift if assigned.
7. Understand machining, cutting, stamping and forming properties of various raw materials (303SSTv. 304SST)
1. Stand, walk, push, pull, reach overhead and bend to the floor.
2. Use of hands 100% of the workday
3. Use of hearing 100% of the workday
4. 20/40 Vision with or without correction.
5. Lift, push, pull, carry and move up to 70 pounds of parts and/or equipment occasionally throughout the workday.
6. Ability to work in shop environment - continuous exposure to potentially hazardous metal working
machinery and equipment, loud noises, dust, mist, oils and solvents.

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