Quality Inspector- 2nd shift Jobs - Lyons, Illinois (IL)

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Company Name: Atlas Tool Works
Location: Lyons, IL
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Operations
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Quality Inspector- 2nd shift - Job Description

Hands on inspection work with focus on machined aerospace parts. Must be able to work independently.






Perform inspection or examination of parts and materials, including reworked materials as required and according to specifications. Update and file quality and inspection documents; provide feedback to production personnel regarding quality of parts produced.


1.Review work order and piece print or blue print.

2.Choose and check calibration of inspection equipment to be used; setup equipment and work holdings when necessary to inspect parts.

3.Inspect material or part against each measurement as indicated on print or work order; verify acceptable tolerance. Indicate completed inspection as required.

4.Check work orders for completion and obtain sign-offs if needed.

5.Communicate with shop personnel to determine questionable production and answer inspection questions as needed.

6.Communicate with customer to resolve and provide updates on non-conforming product.

7.Make determination as to status of part; pass or reject parts.

8.Complete non-conformance forms, tags, labels, etc. when needed.

9.Authority to request stop of production activity when warranted.

10.Communicate with management to resolve non-conformance issues.

11.Coordinate with shipping/receiving to schedule parts for outside processes and follow-up to ensure on-time delivery.

12.Maintain non-conforming material historical file; track recurring non-conformances.

13.Maintain and update inspection history for parts; enter part counts into inventory system.

14.Monitor, update and manage calibration system.

15.Update information for part history records.

16.Return all equipment, parts, etc. to proper storage areas.

17.Maintain organized and clean work area.

18.Communicate all work related information, problems and issues with supervisor.

19.Receive, understand and follow all written and oral instruction.

20.Timely and accurate completion of all paperwork associated with position.

21.Participate in activities to increase personal skill level, overall departmental processes and product quality.

22.Maintain meet or exceed rating on performance evaluations

23.Resolve day-to-day issues by working effectively with others.

24.Comply with all company policies and procedures including safety and attendance requirements

25.Other duties required to meet company needs as assigned by supervisor.


1.Possess a strong mechanical background.

2.Ability to use, calibrate and maintain a variety of measuring equipment including gauges, thread plugs, micrometers, calipers, coordinating measuring machine, comparator, profilometer, etc.

3.Ability to read, understand and analyze a variety of drawings, blueprints, piece prints and GDT.

4.Advanced Math skills including calculation of fractions, distances, print conversion and trigonometry.

5.Possess basic computer skills to operate inspection equipment and enter data.

6.OSHA required training in Lock-out /Tag-out, Hazard Communication, PPE and Emergency Evacuation.

7.Distinguish a variety of raw materials (stainless steel, cold rolled steel, etc.)

8.Understand machining, cutting, stamping and forming properties of various raw materials (303SSTv. 304SST)

9.Good communication skills including the ability to receive and give oral and written instruction.


1.20/40 vision required with or without correction.

2.Use of hands 100% of the workday.

3.Ability to stand or walk 100% of the workday.

4.Ability to lift and carry 70 pounds occasionally during the workday.

5.Twisting, bending, stooping, kneeling and leaning occasionally during the workday.

6.Ability to work in a shop environment - continuous exposure to loud noises, dust, solvents, coolants and oils.

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