Sensor Technician Jobs - Wood Dale, Illinois (IL)

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Company Name: Wiegel Tool Works
Location: Wood Dale, IL
Employment Type: Full Time
Category: Manufacturing
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Sensor Technician - Job Description

The Sensor Technician is responsible for designing and installing sensors in new and existing tooling, making and repairing tools, dies, and fixtures for continuous run punch press and related metal fabricating machines. Reports to: Tool Room Manager.


  1. Meets with engineering pre-die build to discuss sensor options; receives engineering drawings or
  2. Operates various machine tools to build dies, construct fixtures, fabricates prototypes and machine close tolerance metal
  3. Performs routine and complex repairs to sensors, troubleshoots sensors and automation
  4. Installs sensors in new and existing
  5. Sets up and operates various machine tools to make or repair tools, dies, fixtures and to sharpen tools. Performs setup and operation of grinders, drills, mills, lathes and various hand tools. Plans sequence of operations and performs one or more setups to accomplish required machining
  6. Design and install program vision systems where Programming experience is strongly preferred.
  7. Check blueprint and die specifications. Uses micrometer, calipers, and fixed or adjustable gauges as needed to insure that repairs meet specified
  8. Operates die lifter, lift truck, overhead or jib crane, and related material handling equipment to lift, move, and handle die. Lifts, moves and handles items using safe lifting
  9. Observes safety standards, follows safety rules, and wears specified personal protective equipment. Maintains neat work area. Participates in safety
  10. Maintains records related to die operations, quality, etc. Reviews records, notifies superior, or takes corrective action to maintain quality and production
  11. May train or instruct others on sensoring, die maintenance, or
  12. Recommends improvements. Participates in training. Performs other tasks as
  13. Recommends revisions to customer designs to accommodate existing
  14. Maintains inventory levels of spare sensor components and other required
  15. Timely and accurate completion of all paperwork associated with
  16. Comply with all company policies and procedures in including safety and attendance
  17. Participate in activities to increase personal skill level, overall departmental processes and product
  18. Resolve day-to-day issues by working effectively with
  19. Other duties required to meet company needs as assigned


  1. High school education supplemented by an apprenticeship in tool and die making or an equivalent technical
  2. 1 - 3 years experience related to tool and die
  3. Possess mechanical aptitude
  4. Ability to read
  5. Technical knowledge of assigned equipment and
  6. Operating knowledge of forklift, hoist and crane
  7. Effective communication, teamwork and interpersonal

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